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Services FAQs


A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable logo or sign, design, or expression that identifies products or services from a particular source and distinguishes them from others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity.

Once registered, a trademark is protected for 10 years starting from the registration date, assuming that the trademark is not subsequently invalidated or cancelled.


A copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to copy and distribute a creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

Period of protection: Lifetime of the author and for fifty (50) years after the author’s death


A patent is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention for a limited period of time in exchange for publishing an enabling disclosure of the invention. 

Patent or Invention protection is granted for a limited period, generally 20 years from the filing date of the application.


A Utility model is a registration right suitable for the protection of simpler inventions. The process of registering a utility model is fast, simple and cheaper compared to the procedure for granting a patent. Because it is registered without a substantive examination procedure, it facilitates the protection of inventions for individual inventors and small and medium-sized enterprises.

A Utility Model is entitled to seven (7) years of protection from the date of filing, with no possibility of renewal.


An industrial design right is an intellectual property right that protects the visual design of objects that are not purely utilitarian. An industrial design consists of the creation of a shape, configuration or composition of pattern or color, or combination of pattern and color in three-dimensional form containing aesthetic value. An industrial design can be a two- or three-dimensional pattern used to produce a product, industrial commodity or handicraft.

The registration for an Industrial Design is for a period of (5) years from the filing date of the application. May be renewed for not more than (2) consecutive periods of (5) years. Should be renewed within a year of the expiration of the registration.

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